what to expect from future AI

What to Expect from the Future of AI?

There are many technological innovations in this world now that are changing how we are living. No Doubt, recent improvements have made technology more adaptable since AI has been around for a while. Looking at every rising innovation in the field of AI, it is easy to predict a world where AI has a more vital role to play in our daily lives. Lesser we know that we have been surrounded by AI for many years. Siri, Alexa, Google assistant all are part of AI. Asking them or commanding them a certain task to perform by just our voice. With this, we can assume that AI in the near future will change almost every aspect of our daily lives. AI has evolved over the years and there is a rapid change in the same subject.

This wide and rising technology of AI will also step in creating AI lifeforms in upcoming years. That day is not far where we can have our replica and the person cannot distinguish whether it is an actual human or a robotic AI. Speaking of robots, AI and robotics will definitely come together. There are sectors who have started their AI journey which is impacting our present daily routine somehow. And indeed, it will impact the future more with rising of AI technology. 

Some sectors that are on the road of AI path are:

Artificial Intelligence, The future of Humankind

  • Transportation: Well it will take a decade more to perfect in the field but less we know that one-day auto driven cars will be seen on roads.
  • Manufacturing: AI-powered robots will limit the task of humans and will do everything perfectly at ease. It sounds like, the future market work is going to be beyond perfect if AI is involved.
  • Healthcare: well, if we are getting technical, in the future it is possible to have artificial limbs, the tissue that can simultaneously work along with the brain. In the future, artificial hands and limbs will be much faster than the original. Along with that, there would be no disease or disability for which AI doesn’t have a solution.
  • Customer Service: It would be surprising to know that, Google is working on an AI assistant that can make human-like calls for appointments and searches. For an example, if you want to go to your nearby hair salon, you don’t even have to make a call to ask them, google assistant will fix an appointment for you at your comfort level. In other words, it is a system that can understand the context. Tech companies like Google, Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft are spending billions of dollars to create an AI product to give a new shape to technology.

The future of AI is bright or we can say our future is bright. It is mesmerizing to hear all this about but imagine the day when it will all be in the present. AI is moving us closer towards becoming a technologically driven society. Where AI technology will lead us to have happy, healthier and greater life. Above all helping us to conserve time and energy. However, expectations with AI’s future are bright, helpful and fast.

This world will be witnessing an era of technology where AI robots and humans will be staying together. AI has been a subject of years where a scientist has been researching about it intensely. All of the AI’s research has focused on specialized Artificial Bits of Intelligence where the machine can act and react like a human. The machine doesn’t have a brain, but it has the ability to enhance the data given to him in a more authentic way. The results have been spectacular of the AI research over the last decade. It is obvious to say that, we must get ready for the new shape of technology in the upcoming years.  

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