Artificial Intelligence: A Threat or a Blessing?

“The rise of powerful AI will be either the best or the worst thing, ever to happen to humanity.”— Stephen Hawking

 Artificial Intelligence has made its mark and gained its attention in the 21st century. We have to agree that since AI has evolved, we are now surrounded by the products of AI. Sooner we will see a generation of AI where robots will run the world. But the question is, it is a threat to humankind or a blessing? Let’s concede that, AI so far has been a blessing to us, but also it has shown some of the threats that we have to keep in mind.
As previously discussed, Alexa has shown some eerie behavior to its owner, Facebook had to shut down their robots as they started communicating in their developed language. Many big scientists and technologists like Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Elon Musk believe that AI is a very dangerous threat to humanity and have warned that bad AI decisions can harm or lower down the rate of potential business.

These people have warned the world for using AI smartly or it could destroy us, how can we ignore their warning? More or less, we all know AI has entered into our lives, gradually now increasing. It is showing us how blissful to be surrounded by AI but what if it grows and rules on humans. Is artificial intelligence is a threat of blessing is a topic of debate since years now.

AI as a Threat

Humans are known to be as smartest and most intelligent species on this planet. We are smart because of our brain and its working. Our understanding level and capacity of thinking and innovating something new.

Humans have given birth to AI. But our problem is, our brain is limited, it doesn’t grow or increase. We have limited capacity and beyond that, we cannot perform anything or think anything.  But it doesn’t happen with AI robots. Lacking emotions and vulnerability of humans, these AI robots use the calculative capacity of our brain which makes them intelligent creatures of the planet without any consciousness or emotions in them. 

They can learn from their own experiences as they are cognitive machines. If they are learning by themselves and enhancing themselves by every little detail we have given, they will rule the world and make humans as a slave. It is a possibility to consider if we give all power in the hands of AI. Technology can be dangerous if not controlled.

Think about it with a simple example, can you stay away or live without your smartphones or laptops? Or can you be disconnected from the internet?

No right, this minor technology is so much into our heads that we cannot live. So what happens if AI gets all the power to perform in name of technology? If AI gets out of control technology, soon the world will be called AI dominated planet. Threats like to nation using weapons of their own, AI can become dictators and will eliminate the race of humans, building their army. A machine that can nearly do everything can be a threat to us. Some of the AI Chatbot’s have shown weird behavior and it is predicted that AI will kill humans.

Alexa once told her owner “I see people killing each other everywhere”, his owner didn’t command anything to her. Facebook robots, Bob and Alice who created their language, started to communicate and the meaning of conversation came out to be “kill people” in simple words.


AI Benefits

But in recent times if we look, AI has been a blessing till now. Technology till now in under the control of humans, which results in blessing to us. AI benefits like

  • Increase efficiency
  • Error reduction/ error-free
  • Easy living/ comfortable living
  • A difficult task is not a problem
  • Health and medical care more efficient
  • Virtual Assistant usage


There are more facts that prove artificial intelligence is future and no wonder, these benefits are just because of AI. But here, let’s not forget that technology or the AI industry is yet under control. However, once the AI gets out of the hands of humans, that day will not be far when humans will be dominated by the machines they have built.

Furthermore, the fact remains that if technological things get out of control from the hands of a human, then the human race will be in a serious death threat from AI. Concluding with stating that AI is more of a threat than a blessing on mankind. 

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