Women in Periods – Role of Men

Throughout Indian history, women in periods have always been termed as taboo, negativity, impurity, and myths. These are associated with periods and it is a conversation made in silence. Menstruation is a natural process that happens for about 36-40 years in a woman’s life from menarche to menopause. However, conversing about menstruation in silence has created a negative impact on society and of course on men. Men have an important role to play in women in periods.

Women suffer from pain and need to be taken extra care in these delicate days. Men from the back generation disregard the fact that they also have a role to play. But speaking of the youth generation, men are getting involved. They are understanding blood, pain that every woman has to suffer. They are releasing their responsibility as they directly influence women as fathers, brothers, husbands, friends, and boyfriends.

Role of Men

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Men have many roles to play, as a father, brother, friend or boyfriend, they have some duty when their woman is in periods. On the first step, a man should know what periods is. That is the first role of men.

Men are the supporters and caretakers of their women when they are in periods. They can comfort them, let them rest in the initial days. As brothers, they are responsible that their sister gets complete rest and enough healthy food in menstruation. Immense pain in periods can also be a serious issue and men can be super supportive and gentleman towards the same.

There are many things a man can do for his woman when she is in her periods.

Things men can do when Women in periods

role of men in women's periods

As women go through monthly bleeding and pain, men can do is to give comfort and support. List of things men can do are:

  • While in school or college, if your female friend stains her pants with blood, instead of laughing, make sure she isn’t insulted. Give her your hoodie or jacket to cover and buy her some sanitary napkins. The same can happen in any workspace. Therefore, male colleagues can ensure that you are safe, secured and cleaned. A man can help her.
  • Men can carry a sanitary napkin for their girlfriends and female friends. Every girl carries a pad in her bag on her due date, just in case she isn’t near to her bad or she forgets to keep, man, can be a superhero to save her from this blood bath disaster.
  • Buy your wife, mother, sister or female friend’s chocolates in periods and something warm. In addition, let her rest on her initial days.
  • Men should not be ashamed to buy any sanitary napkin. As it’s a good cause and nothing to be ashamed of.
  • Be a good listener. No man on the planet can indeed change women’s period mood swings. But a man can handle it in a precise way. First things first, be a good listener. Also, Give her a good warm bath and make sure she is comforted in her bed. A hug and your presence can make her feel better.
  • Don’t let her work and weight heavy things. Cramps can be managed by you with pain relief sprays and a hot water bottle.
  • Periods may also cause a rise in body temperature, men can ensure that their women get complete rest.
  • Keep their surroundings clean. Cleanliness is important in periods for women.
  • Men can make their women indulge in different activities to divert their mind
  • Cook for her, her favorite food can make her day.
  • Give her massage so that she can relax in her periods day.
  • Women in periods can be cranky or emotionally high, if she cries, don’t force ask her why. Make sure you be there for her and comfort her at best.

At last

Men can do regular small things for their wives, mothers, sisters, girlfriends, and friends. These small things can make there 7-days blood pain easy with all your love and care. These things are easy for any man. This is the basic and the only role of men when women in periods.

Guys cannot make the blood or the pain stop but they can always make it easy and comforty for their women.

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