Periods Myth I faced

I want to share about the period’s myth I faced. A woman knows how much pain and obstacle she has to face in this world even when she bleeds without her fault. She accepted nature’s blessing. However, people from ancient times have believed that periods are an IMPURE process. And continues to believe the same.

Being a girl has always been a challenge in some way or the other but “PERIODS MYTH I FACED”, here the “I” refers to every woman who has faced discrimination and other social and cultural restrictions in name of periods but someone has to take a stand and empower women.

Today, even in recent times and in this modern generation young girls are taught about their periods in solitude. They are taught to keep it low, never to talk about this. Their questions about the myths is not answered.

“Periods Myth I faced” is not only about what women believe but for every human to understand that period isn’t a shameful act. Periods aren’t a choice, this cycle happens for a reason that we can’t control it. Moreover, periods are the reason that you are breathing on this planet.

“Periods Myth I Faced”– Myths and Truths

  • Myth: You can’t wash your hair.

Truth: You can always wash your hair according to your comfort

  • Myth: You can’t enter the kitchen or touch the pickle as it will get impure.

Truth:  cook in the kitchen, touch everything. Nothing is gone get impure because of you and periods.

  • Myth: Don’t enter the temple or visit holy places.

Truth: You can always pray, visit the temples and other holy places. God never have restricted anyone to pray. Periods are natural and part of every women’s life.

  • Myth: Your food will be cooked differently than others.

Truth: You can have what’s everyone is having. It was believed in ancient India that any menstruating woman can’t have a regular meal because while menstruating some smell and rays are emitted which makes the food contaminated. Completely wrong. This myth has no logic.

  • Myth: while menstruating you cannot have sex as it will damage your uterus.

Truth: while menstruating, you can have sex without any worries. Moreover, it will reduce the cramps and pain for a while.

  • Myth: You can’t go outside of the house as you will stain.

Truth: You can always go to your office, school, and colleges. Outing with friends. No need to worry about any staining your dress or pants. It’s just blood. Nothing to be shameful for.

  • Myth: While menstruating, you are impure and allowed to have separate utensils

Truth: Well, as a matter of fact, the periods don’t make you impure instead they make your body free from chemicals, toxins, and dirty blood cells to have smooth functioning of your reproductive system and other parts of the body.

Last but not Least


“Since nine, she bleeds

Nine months, she carried a child

For ninety years, she crucified

It’s not just blood, it’s a life.”

Myths and rumors about periods are only because of a lack of education and communication. There is no need to be in silence while talking about this or skipping/ not teaching properly, the chapter of reproduction in schools.

Today, even in many parts of the world especially in India where the rumors spread like fire in name of religion and social norms, menstruation is still a taboo in India. Besides, many Indian young girls are guided in wrong directions and taught illogical misconceptions.

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